Minnie's Maille Jewellery began by wanting to buy some quality earrings for a reasonable price. What a fantastic journey it's been into the world of 'Chainmaille' Jewellery, an ancient art or clothing to protect in jousting has some of the loveliest weaves imaginable, with some beautiful jewellery. 

I use a number of metals, Aluminum, Stainless Steel (silver and gold plated), Copper and Brass. All my copper, and aluminum rings are sourced in Australia. You can find me each Saturday at the Casino Lions Farmers Market, in the bright pink gazebo.  My market stall prices start at $10, I can reduce the length of bracelets and necklaces on the day at the market. If you would like a commission please contact me to discuss. Read about the the different metals and what could be best for you. With my wire work I like to use copper coated non-tarnishing wire for most pieces. While I have used my handmade 'ear wires', I'm finding increasingly people who have allergies. So many earwires are now Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic which I exchange for free, I can also exchange to sterling silver or titanium for a small additional cost. I hope you enjoy my work. 

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