Differences with Metals

metal.jpgIt's often asked which is the best metal to make a piece of jewellery, and the answer is 'depends on what you are looking for'. 

Most of the metals I use for my chain maille pieces are - aluminium (anodised/silver coloured), stainless steel, gold plated stainless steel, and copper. I use coated jewellery wire for wire jewellery,  ear wires and some clasps, these are non-tarnishing.

Copper is a beautiful metal but they do tarnish and they tarnish more on some people than others, but cleaning them is easy 

Stainless Steel and Copper have weight. Stainless Steel looks good mixed with Anodised Aluminium (coloured) with great success. Stainless steel is dark silver in colour compared to the Bright Aluminium BA or Sterling Silver.

Aluminium is lightweight, non-tarnishing, and comes in some lovely colours, it's bright silver Bright Aluminium BA. See photo of copper and aluminium bracelets. It has a heavy look without the weight. 

Most pieces can be made in the metal of your choice as a commission, costs depend on the metal chosen, and aluminium is the least cost of all the metals. Some metals are not recommended to mix together. 

Aluminium Information

There's some positive reasons to use aluminium:

Soon I will being using Sterling Silver, and look forward to some beautiful sterling silver pieces in the near future. 


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